First day of trainees

Group picture from the first day of the trainees

The first day of training is always very exciting for our trainees. The daily program includes a company presentation, an introduction to the field trainers, a question and answer session with the other trainees and much more.

We would like to give all trainees a warm welcome and organize this day every year with trainees from the older apprenticeship years. Experience report of a trainee from the first day at DeVauGe

At the beginning of the first day, we trainees were warmly welcomed by our trainer as well as by trainees from the advanced years of their apprenticeship.

After a mutual introduction, trainees from the second and third year of apprenticeship gave a company presentation, during which I received a lot of interesting information about the company and a first impression of the company.

As we proceeded, we learned about our expectations and wishes for the training and, in a creative get-to-know game, got to know the commercial trainees and business economists as well as the new trainees from the areas of industrial mechanics, machine and plant management and mechatronics.

In a subsequent scavenger hunt, we learned interesting facts about the company, the premises and the employees. We were supposed to find different departments in the buildings in small groups and work together to answer general questions about the operation.

In a production tour – which I particularly liked – we got to know the products and machines better and got an impression of the production steps behind a product.

Both during the lunch break and in the subsequent meeting with former trainees, we were able to ask these and the older trainees many questions in a private setting, which were gladly answered.

Before we got to know our on-the-job trainers from the respective departments that we will pass through during our training, each new trainee was assigned a mentor. It was a sponsorship with a trainee from the second or third year of training, who should help us in the first few months in the company and give advice if we have any questions. This made you feel well accepted into the company and gave you particularly strong support in the early days, which is why I have fond memories of my first day as an apprentice at DE-VAU-GE, because I was given a friendly welcome from day one.

Staff Shop

The staff shop is looked after and managed by us trainees. Our tasks include ordering goods, presenting the products on the shelves, checking out and creating weekly offers.


In order to attract new and well-qualified trainees for our company, our company likes to present itself at trade fairs and in schools. There, trainers and trainees present the company and can thus answer all questions of interested parties. The trainees are qualified in the training ambassador program of the IHK.

In 2017 we again had the opportunity to set up a stand at the company contact exchange and to inform those interested in a dual study program at the Berufsakademie about the opportunities in our company. After the general presentation of the study programs, visitors had the opportunity to get to know the professors and the exhibiting companies. As in the previous year, our trainees were able to answer many questions from visitors to the stand and were able to hand out information material and delicious muesli bars to try.

Map department processes

Project: UK products for the German market

As part of our project, we had products that are usually sold on the British market tasted in Germany. With the help of evaluation sheets, we were able to evaluate the opinions of the product testers and make a recommendation.

Projects are divided into different stages. In the planning phase, ideas for implementation and design are collected and – with the agreement of the trainer – the best idea is selected. We drew up a schedule for the implementation phase in order to give the project a time frame. Our implementation phase included the creation of the survey form, the compilation of test products and survey forms, the distribution of the samples and the subsequent collection of the completed survey forms.

In the evaluation phase, the ratings of the product testers were evaluated and summarized in order to make meaningful recommendations for the management. In the last phase, the previous phases of the project are recapitulated and evaluated. In this way, improvements can be recorded for the future. Between the phases (the so-called milestones) the trainer is consulted.

Trainee Christmas Market

In 2019, the annual Christmas market for our colleagues and course trainers took place again since 2017. In addition to games such as throwing cans and hot wire, there was food in the form of waffles and children’s punch. There were many great gifts to be won again this year.

Private trainee meetings and team building

DE-VAU-GE is a family business where humanity and togetherness are very important. In many everyday tasks, you can only reach your goal together, because one gear meshes with the other. We are already trained in team development during the apprenticeship. For projects related to the company, but also for private trainee meetings. Whether climbing through the trees or sitting comfortably together – such private events promote the “we-feeling” and are part of team building.

Application Tips

Would you like to do an apprenticeship at DE-VAU-GE, but don’t know the best way to apply? Then we have a few tips for you:

  • Your application should contain all important documents: cover letter, CV, the last school reports (at least two) and, if available, internship certificates, job references and certificates are welcome.
  • We would like to know the following in the cover letter: Why did you decide on this apprenticeship? Why did you choose the DE-VAU-GE? And why are you particularly suitable?
  • In the CV itself, you are welcome to mention mini-jobs, internships, stays abroad, special knowledge and hobbies, because we can then talk about them in the interview.
  • If you currently have a job, get an interim reference. This is also important for future applications.
  • Did you take part in any courses or training courses that prepared you for the training you wanted or shaped you in that way? Show us the certificates in your application.

Miss Acksteiner

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