DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH

The history of the company

The upheaval in lifestyle and processes driven by the industrial revolution in the 19th century changed a lot for people back then. In the course of this, many doctors, but also Christian institutions, began to increasingly concern themselves with healthy eating habits. The aim was to develop an improvement and a balance to the strenuous living conditions at the time

1900 1900

Carried by the spirit of those days, Bible-believing Christians from the ranks of the “Community of Seventh-day Adventists” joined together in Friedensau near Magdeburg in 1899 to produce and sell healthy, vegetarian food. This led to the founding of the “German Association for Health Care” of DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH.

1905 1905

Back then, DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH was the first German plant to produce the traditional crunchy cereal flakes, made from whole grains of wheat, barley or rice. The products manufactured also included nut butter, nut butter, vegetable margarine and children’s food.

1914 1914

Due to the constantly growing demand for the high quality products of DE-VAU-GE, the company started production at a new, larger location in Hamburg-Borgfelde in 1914.

1966 1966

Further relocations were pending within Hamburg to Großborstel and finally, in 1976, to the outskirts of the city of Lüneburg, where DE-VAU-GE is still based today.

1976 1976

The product range included a large number of different products. In addition to today’s core business of muesli, baked muesli, cereals, cereal, muesli and fruit bars, DE-VAU-GE was also a manufacturer of dietary supplements, fruit and vegetable juices, honey, margarine, oils, rice cakes and soy products.

1999 1999

With the construction of the plant in Tangermünde, DE-VAU-GE again significantly expanded its capacities in 1998.

Today Today

Today it employs more than 900 people at both locations and is one of the most important private label manufacturers for breakfast cereals with a broad product portfolio and the highest standards of quality and product innovation as well as customer service and employee satisfaction. The good working atmosphere and team spirit are particularly important to us, which is why we are particularly committed to the development of our employees.

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