When purchasing our raw materials, we attach great importance to regionality and sustainable certification, especially for the main raw materials grain and sugar:

  • All of the wheat flour comes from German contract farming.
  • About 70% of the sugar comes from the Lüneburg/Uelzen region, i.e. right next door.
  • About 1/3 of the oat flakes are produced in southern Germany – the rest comes from European natural cultivation areas.
  • Most of the durum wheat grows in southern Germany or in Provence/France
    In 2021 we will process bee-friendly wheat from Brandenburg for the first time. All fields have wide flower strips.
  • Palm oil and palm kernel oil – since many yeaar we have only used certified palm oil and palm kernel oil of RSPO quality. The proportion of Segregated palm oil has long been more than 95%
  • Cocoa and chocolate – we have been using cocoa and chocolate of Fairtrade or UTZ/Rainforest Alliance quality for many years. The proportion of certified, sustainably produced raw materials is over 95%.

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Packaging Material

Here it is important to find the right balance with regard to the stability of the packaging, the lowest possible use of materials, good barrier protection and sufficient recyclability.

  • Folding boxes and outer boxes/trays made of corrugated cardboard are 100% FSC quality and are 100% recyclable.
  • Cereal films are currently being converted to recyclable films by dispensing with PET. Here, another material provides barrier protection that is easier to recycle.
  • All bar foils have been converted to better recyclability in the last year.
  • Overall, our plastic films then have a recycling rate of over 90%.