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A pioneering act with long-term effects

PODCAST Ten years foodactive e.V. (registered association): The DE-VAU-GE in Lüneburg entered the first muesli into the classical food retail in 1978 – A B&P-BusinessTalk with Dr. Rüdiger Kühl and Jürgen Ridder

The ear of corn in the logo basically sums it up: products that are produced in DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH, are related to cereals. In the context of the small podcast series “Ten years foodactive e.V.” the host Wolfgang Becker and word supplier Tobias Pusch visited the headquarters in Lüneburg. There they not only met the managing director Dr. Rüdiger Kühl and the highest supply-chain-responsible, authorised representative Jürgen Ridder, but also an agile company with a unique history and world-encompassing reach.

The DE-VAU-GE lives off of its employees’ know-how and complex production facilities that permit a broad diversity. Why the location Lüneburg is helpful in managing the complicated situation in the market of skilled workers, Dr. Rüdiger Kühl (on the right) and Jürgen Ridder reveal in the B&P-BusinessTalk with host Wolfgang Becker.

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