Trainee event 06.2024 – canoe tour

To strengthen the “we” feeling, eight trainees and their trainer went on an exciting trip with four canoes on the Luhe. In the early afternoon, all participants met in Luhmühlen on the banks of the Luhe, a picturesque river known for its rapids, a small weir and its breathtaking nature. After a short briefing from the guide, we got into our canoes and set off.

The first few kilometers were calm. While some canoes later passed the rapids without any problems, others experienced the adventure first hand. The canoe had to be transferred 20m at the weir and put back into the river. We helped each other because together we are strong!

Passing dragonflies, a nutria, rosehip flowers and yellow water lilies, we often maneuvered around the boat in serpentine lines around branches or entire trees lying in the water.

We reached our destination after a good two and a half hours at the Garstedt barbecue hut – some a little wetter than at the start – where we ended the evening with a small picnic. During the picnic, we swapped stories about the most exciting moments of the canoe trip. Our conclusion: No boat capsized, we laughed a lot and got to know each other better.

It was the perfect end to an eventful day – a day that not only challenged the physical abilities and team spirit of our trainees, but also strengthened the cohesion in the group. We returned a little tired, but happy and with many new experiences and memories in the bag.

This trip will certainly remain in the minds of everyone involved for a long time and we are already looking forward to the next adventure!