DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH
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As early as 1899, it was clear to the founders of DE-VAU-GE GESUNDKOSTWERK GmbH, that they could provide a healthier alternative with totally whole grain products, to the then-upcoming products made with white flour and white sugar. In the meantime, we have gained more than 100 years' experience in producing muesli, and offer a wide range of different products: besides classic unsweetened organic mueslis or mueslis with fruit, our products include totally delicious chocolate muesli, or toasted crunchy muesli specialties.
To achieve this, we make muesli products from over 100 possible ingredients, in our modern mixing units and baking lines.

  • Our crunchy mueslis, made from toasted crispy cereal clusters, taste especially good and, of course, crunchy ... - whether alone, combined with fruit, nuts, or chocolate.
  • Our classic muesli varieties are mixed from oats, wheat, barley, or rye flakes. The products get their own special quality from dried fruits, nuts, small flakes or chocolate.