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Our company, DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH, was founded over 100 years ago.

With the onset of industrialization, not only physicians but also Christian institutions became increasingly concerned about healthy nutrition for the population. The aim was to improve living standards, in compensation for the harsh working and living conditions of large sections of the population.
As part of the broad reform movement, in 1899 the resident Christian community in Friedensau near Magdeburg founded the "German Association for Health Care (Deutsche Verein für Gesundheitspflege)" the later DE-VAU-GE GESUNDKOSTWERK GmbH, to produce whole foods.

As the first German factory, DE-VAU-GE Deutschland already at that time produced the traditional crunchy grain flakes, made from whole wheat, barley, or rice grain. Production was relocated to Hamburg in 1912, and, since June 1976, the DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland company headquarters has been in Lüneburg. Here we focus today on the production of crispy breakfast cereals, different kinds of muesli, and fruit bars. In 1998 another plant opened in Tangermünde near Stendal housing the very latest production facilities for breakfast cereals and muesli-bars.

The DE-VAU-GE today produces in Germany with nearly 900 employees at two locations in Lüneburg and Tangermünde being the most important producer for breakfast cereals for the private label sector with a broad product Portfolio and high ambitions regarding quality standards and product innovation as well as customer service and employee satisfaction