Leogistics X DE-VAU-GE

f.l.t.r. Hartmut Schröder (IT-Leiter DE-VAU-GE); André Käber (CEO Leogistics GmbH)

The digital future of the supply chain

Co-speaker presentation at the customer day of CBS Business Solutions (CBS-One) in Hockenheim. Another step towards digitization is to be taken with the new project and the application of the myleo / dsc – 360° logistics platform. From transport planning to the customer, all partners and events through to delivery confirmation and invoicing are fully digitally networked and displayed in real time. We want to meet the current challenges in the supply chain with the project in order to avoid emerging disruptions and, if they should occur, to be able to cope better by making the effects integrally available to the right contact persons in real time.

In the lecture, the goals, the project development, the integration into SAP and the cooperation between Leogistics GmbH and DE-VAU-GE were presented. We look forward to a successful project to further strengthen our customer support.