DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH
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In our Lüneburg and Tangermünde factories, we make a wide range of traditional muesli, crunchy muesli, flakes, and cereals. Then come muesli, cereal, and fruit bars for between-meals snacks. Our core competence is producing exclusive brands for the leading European chain retailers.
We focus on versatility, highest quality, and selected raw materials as well as optimal packaging solutions. Our broad assortment of products includes, besides conventional products, a selected organic range. Beyond this, we always keep looking for the very latest consumer and customer requirements, such as for reduced-sugar products or increased whole grain and fiber content.
In addition to continuously developing our product range to meet current consumer trends, our research and development department is constantly working on innovative product ideas for a diversified offering.
We're happy to give you detailed information on our product range on request.